Cold cases

The development of new investigative techniques led the Sûreté du Québec to create a team whose sole mission is to solve cold cases. This website is a call for the assistance of the public in providing the police with any information that could help solve cases involving serious crimes against persons.

Sûreté du Québec
Identification de la Centrale Infomation Criminelle - 1-800-659-4264 Identification de la Centrale Infomation Criminelle - 1-800-659-4264
Picture of Andrée Champigny
Andrée Champigny
She was murdered on November 1, 1984, while alone at a ...
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Picture of Annette Labelle
Annette Labelle
On June 25, 1986, a highway employee for the ministère des Transports ...
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Picture of Danielle Bélanger
Danielle Bélanger
On November 24, 1978, at 18 years old, she placed an ad on ...
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Picture of Étienne Séguin
Étienne Séguin et Régine St-Pierre
Late in the evening of May 7, 1989, Étienne Séguin, a ...
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Picture of Johanne D'Aoûst
Johanne D'Aoûst et Claude Chevalier
On June 14, 1985, the bodies of Johanne D’Aoûst and her fiancé ...
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Picture of Lyette Gibb
Lyette Gibb
She was seen for the last time on April 25, 1987, at around 1:50...
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Picture of Michel Vallée
Michel Vallée
On October 31, 1981, human bones were discovered on chemin Angora ...
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Picture of Sylvie Poirier
Sylvie Poirier
On June 29, 1985, the body of Sylvie Poirier, 25 years old, was ...
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Picture of Fernand Champoux
Fernand Champoux, 68 years old, was murdered around 7:00 a.m. on April 18, 2006, in the parking lot behind
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Picture of Sylvie Laverdière
On April 18, 1989, Sylvie Laverdière was found dead in her apartment
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Picture of Hélène Monast
The naked body of Hélène Monast, 18 years old, was discovered at 8:23 a.m. on September 11,
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Picture of Auréa Desormeaux
Auréa Désormeaux’s lifeless body was discovered around 9:20 p.m. on November 22
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