Cold cases

The development of new investigative techniques led the Sûreté du Québec to create a team whose sole mission is to solve cold cases. This website is a call for the assistance of the public in providing the police with any information that could help solve cases involving serious crimes against persons.

Sûreté du Québec
Identification de la Centrale Infomation Criminelle - 1-800-659-4264 Identification de la Centrale Infomation Criminelle - 1-800-659-4264
Picture of Jean Poirier-Guénard
Jean Poirier-Guénard
On the evening of February 26, 1972, he left his home to go to ...
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Picture of Cédrika Provencher
Cédrika Provencher
On July 31, 2007 in Trois-Rivières, at, 9 years old, was cycling ...
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Picture of John Michael Stewart
John Michael Stewart
His body was found on April 30, 1977, in a wooded area in ...
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Picture of Chantal Trudeau
Chantal Trudeau and Alain Gariépy
On the morning of March 9, 2005, a neighbor went to the residence ...
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Picture of Lise Brisebois
Lise Brisebois
Disappeared on March 10, 1990 from her home on Paquette...
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Picture of Françoise Guilbault
Françoise Guilbault
On May 30, 1973, Mrs. Françoise Guilbault left her home ...
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Picture of Sophie Champagne
Sophie Champagne
Was found dead in the afternoon of November 18, 1997, at 22-year-old ...
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Picture of Julienne Cliche-Picard
Julienne Cliche-Picard
Was last seen on September 13, 1978 at 8:10 pm near the mailboxes...
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